When it comes to manufacturing, the other journal brands go too far.

When you make as many journals as we do, an easy way to cut costs is to move your manufacturing to a far off location that offers cheaper paper, raw materials, and labor.

That’s one way of doing business, but it’s not the Castelli way.

Google “Where are Castelli journals made?” and you’ll see for yourself: every Castelli journal is made in historic Bergamo, Italy, just 37 miles up the road from our design headquarters in Milan.

Other journal brands don’t like to draw attention to their manufacturing practices. But to Castelli, local manufacturing is essential to our values and our customer experience.

You want to know that the brand name journal you paid for hasn’t done a loop around the globe in order to be made with cheaper materials and labor.

You’ll never have to worry about that with a Castelli journal. When your journal arrives in your hand, you’ll know its origin story starts and ends at our workshop in Bergamo.

And that matters to us.

It matters that when you open a Castelli journal and write or sketch on the pages, that you know you’re holding something of superior quality, made locally, from a journal manufacturer that doesn’t cut corners. Something made with care.

We’ve been making journals locally since 1938. By sticking to this commitment to responsible manufacturing, we can keep on making the best journals in the world, and you can keep on relying on us for high-quality, high-care manufacturing, as well as our famous guarantee: You’ll never lose a page from a Castelli journal.

And if you’re in the US or Canada, you’ll be glad to know we keep a frequently replenished inventory of journals on hand right here.

They’ve already made the trip to North America from our workshop in Bergamo, Italy, and they’re ready to be hand-packed and sent to you.

Just let us know which one you want. (Or if you want two, shipping is free for a limited time.)

Find the perfect Castelli journal for you in one of our collections.

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